Heavy Duty Transport

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With a diversified fleet of equipment, Infinity provides safe and cost-effective ways of transporting oversize and heavy cargoes.

Services cover important fields of industries

Understanding the importance of logistics in every industrial field, Infinity is proud to be the reliable partner to take care of the logistics part in customers' business chain. From civil infrastructure to power plants, Infinity has experience in transporting large and heavy cargoes, working with authorities, and are capable of installing equipment at customers' factory/plant. 

All-in Services

Once the cargoes are ready, Infinity can take care of receiving under hook of the imported vessel or lifting from storage yard/warehouse, implement lashing, dunnage, and transportation to destination, lift cargoes off vehicles and install cargoes at factory/plant if needed.

Infinity is well aware of the importance of cost in the industrial fields. In 2020, the proportion of logistics cost in Vietnam is about 25% GDP, which is a lot higher than that of other countries compared to 19% of China or just 8-9% of Japan. Therefore, we always put our priority on providing high-quality service with effective solutions which are tailor-made and appropriate cost for our customers.

Minimalize risk

Understand the value and importance of cargo to customers' projects, Infinity always has strict safety plans to follow and recheck regularly. Gaining ISO 45001:2018 partly guarantees our quality to customers, but we always keep rechecking and reminding our staff to handle with great care and responsibility. 

Outsourcing the logistics part to Infinity, customers are confident,  and can concentrate on their core business. 


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