Nghi Son refinery and petrochemical complex project (Thanh Hoa, Vietnam)

Transport Steel pipe piles from factory in Dong Nai province to jobsite in Thanh Hoa province

Time: 2017
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Brief Information:

Transporting steel pipe piles to construct the largest oil refinery of Vietnam in Nghi Son area, Thanh Hoa province

Scope of works:

- Trucking from factory to port of loading in Dong Nai province
- Loading from trailer onto vessel
- Inserting dunnage and lashing on vessel
- Transport from Dong Nai port to Nghi Son port
- Unloading from vessel onto trailer
- Trucking from Nghi Son port to Jobsite

Technical specifications:

Steel Pile Sheet Piles with P-P Junction, length 16-23m, OD 1500mm, weight 15-20 tons/piece

Project Details:

At Port

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vận chuyển ống dài

vận chuyển ống dài

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vận chuyển ống thép dài


At Jobsite


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